The Carnivorous Plant FAQ Field Trip Report -

North and South Carolina low country, 2007

The Trip:
In April 2007, I had the pleasure of giving a talk on carnivorous plants at the North Carolina Botanical Garden at Chapel Hill. The talk went well, and it was a pleasure speaking at a facility so rich with carnivorous plant history and lore.

After the talk was done, I hurried eastward towards Wilmington, North Carolina. Those of you who know anything about carnivorous plants are probably already experiencing adrenaline rushes at the mere reading of the word...Wil-ming-ton. Let it roll off the tongue slowly. Caress the syllables. Yes, I was heading to the very heart of Venus flytrap territory.

Of course, I have toured the area before, and if you want to do a little background reading, you can check out my 2003 trip report. This trip was to be in three phases. On the first, I would spend a day in the Wilmington, Green Swamp, and Boiling Spring area; led about by local carnivorous plant enthusiast Mark Todd. We would explore the very core of Dionaea habitat. The second day I planned to head north, into Onslow County, to track down plants near the northern edge of the plant's range. And on the third day, I intended to travel south, to be led by researcher Jim Luken to see Dionaea in South Carolina, at its southern occurrences.

I hoped the tour of so many disparate sites to be revealing. I would see plants from sites representing the whole of Dionaea's native range!

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