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North and South Carolina low country, 2007

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Deep in the pocosin:
Not much further along the sandy road I found nice Drosera brevifolia, too.

The road was very narrow, and littered at times with all sorts of crap: beer cans, dumped refrigerators, and car parts. I have heard this kind of trash referred to as the "bubbaceous" layer. Joking aside, it is a disgusting display of humanity at its worst.

Immediately off the road, the broad-leaved shrubs and trees rose high and thick. These woody plants were intertwined with thorny vines, and without a machete passage was impossible. I tried forcing my way through it, on the theory that perhaps I was confronted with but a narrow swath of shrubs bordering the road, but after 15 minutes I was covered with slashes, scrapes, and punctures, and had managed to penetrate only about 5 meters. There was no end in sight to this stuff--I had never before met truly impassable vegetation before. It was amazing. It is what is referred to as pocosin or bay vegetation; a real barrier to exploration!

More views of Drosera brevifolia:
In shade;
Low angle view.

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