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North and South Carolina low country, 2007

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In the islands:
After a quick 60 km drive, I was at a trailhead leading into the ever-fragmenting Green Swamp. This big chunk is owned by The Nature Conservancy, which has kindly established a trail through several km of accessible areas.

I had detailed aerial maps with me, as well as a compass and a GPS, so I felt pretty secure about my navigation. These tools all proved their value, as the trail was very wispy in points. The Green Swamp is surely not a place I would want to get lost.

Leaving the car, I quickly relocated a population of Sarracenia rubra subsp. rubra I had seen in the past, and of which I am quite fond. It was nice to see them again--they are like old friends. You can see them in my earlier trip comments on The Green Swamp, from a trip in 2003.

Walking deeper into The Swamp I found these nice Pinguicula lutea plants in flower.

Here is a bonus photograph of the Pinguicula.. Alas, the rosettes were deep in the wiregrass, and would not have photographed well.

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