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North and South Carolina low country, 2007

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Eighty km later, I was back in Columbus County, North Carolina, and in fact at a sandy strip of road that I had been at two days earlier with Mark. (This was the Drosera filiformis site.) I had returned to photograph the very nice Sarracenia purpurea that we had seen on the steep bank of a drainage ditch.

The plants were on the other side of a broad and deep drainage ditch, and the only way to get at them was to wade through the brown water. I used a long stick to thwack the bank-side vegetation to flush out any cottonmouths (none present), then waded into the ditch. The water was a deeper than I expected, and as the submerged ground softly collapsed underfoot, I went up to my armpits! But I got across and captured this nice photograph for you. I hope you enjoy it!

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