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North and South Carolina low country, 2007

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Onslow County:
I was still north of Wilmington when I sped past a powerline cut that I had explored on previous trips, and that is well known to carnivorous plant explorers. As it entered my rear view mirror I thought about how it contained both marvelously colored Dionaea and nice Sarracenia flava (but also signs of plenty of poaching). Should I go back and see it again? What the heck, why not!?

I did a few questionably legal traffic maneuvers to double back, parked, geared up, and hustled across the traffic to look at the plants. Things were much as I remembered them, with a rich salad of Dionaea and Drosera. It seemed the Sarracenia flava plants were much fewer in number, probably because of the continued poaching for the collection trade. They'll probably be stolen entirely by 2010 or so.

Something for all of us horticulturists to think about, and for which we must shoulder the some responsibility.

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