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North and South Carolina low country, 2007

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Mud hole:
We proceeded to another site, only about 1km away. The origin of this wetland is probably unnatural--it looked like a borrow pit. Still, I was really excited to see it because I had visited the site many years previous, led there by directions from Don Schnell. It was the first place I had ever seen wild Dionaea! Unfortunately, I had lost the directions to find it, so when Mark brought us here it was like being reunited with a long-lost relative! (Here is a photograph of the site from the early 1990s.)

You can see that the pitchers are emerging, but that a frost had killed nearly all the flowers.

Mark and I spent a while looking for Dionaea, but could not find them. Where they just hiding, or had the been poached?

After exploring this site for a while (I did not take more photographs) we drove the 60 km back towards The Green Swamp. The time was late, but we thought we'd look around for whatever we might find.

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