The Carnivorous Plant FAQ Field Trip Report -

North and South Carolina low country, 2007

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Much of the best habitat was closed off because of the recent fire, but it was fairly easy to find some nice Dionaea plants creeping out of the ashes. It is preparing to flower, I notice.

As I photographed this, Mark was attracted to a snake moving through the underbrush. He had an early chance to blow Mike's record out of the water! Unfortunately, as he raced through the brush he had some kind of foot-snagging, rolling-log catastrophe with his footing, and just barely avoided falling to the ground, belly-up. As he skated on the branches rolling underfoot, with one leg in the air and his arms pinwheeling, the snake zipped away. So much for Mark's herpetological skills.

This was, by the way, the only snake encounter of the day. Mike Howlett and Mark Todd--masters of the snake world!

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