The Carnivorous Plant FAQ Field Trip Report -

A Shadow over North Carolina, 2003

The Trip:
A September 2003 business trip took me from California to Arlington, Virginia. Well heck, that is just about seven hours away from Venus Flytrap habitat. I hadn't seen those in the wild since around 1993! But wait, it is also only about seven hours away from Sarracenia jonesii and Sarracenia oreophila, and I had never seen those in North Carolina. Which to go to? How about both?! Yeah, baby, yeah!

I contacted a land manager who helps steward the rare Sarracenia sites, and she gave me permission to visit the plants. So with my "travel visa" in hand, I was set! (How did I get so lucky? She knows the conservation work I do, and felt she could trust me at those sites.)

Next, I reviewed my three sources of information on where to look for Venus Flytraps: I had my notes from my previous trip; I had some instructions from another plant explorer (thanks, E.S.); and I had been contacted by a coastal North Carolina native who told me he would show me around. Excellent!

Disclaimer: I will not reveal any location information on this trip, except in the broadest of terms. Poaching is already bad enough, without me spouting off location factoids for plant thieves to use.

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