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A Shadow over North Carolina

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What's wrong here?
I was warned by the preserve manager that I might see this. Yep, notice the two flower stalks in this photograph? They have been CUT this season. No one had been given permission to collect seed this year from this site, so these fruiting flower stalked had been poached.

Let's think about this for a moment. I am not a lawyer, but I am guessing that the person(s) involved were guilty of
(1)Trespassing (remember those posted signs?),
(2)Since Sarracenia oreophila is listed in North Carolina as a "Species of Special Concern", removing those seeds was in violation of two related state laws (see details in the CP FAQ.),
(3)Removing seeds of this federally endangered, listed species is a violation of the Endangered Species Act.

So this is what, at least four laws broken--one of which is a federal offense. Stupid twits. Also, seed poaching at small sites like this makes the land managers responsible for this site all the more resistant to letting carnivorous plant enthusiasts on the property (can you blame them?). ALSO, by taking seeds like this, it decreases the reproductive potential and long term viability of the site. If I were responsible for managing the site, this would make me just a little less interested in putting my stewardship money into caring for the area. Hell, let it get run over by encroaching trees--the site is already screwed with because of all the poachers!

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Revised: October 2007
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