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A Shadow over North Carolina

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Nice pitchers:
A characteristic of Sarracenia jonesii that makes it different from Sarracenia rubra is the flaring of the pitchers. Notice how the top 1/3 of these pitchers expand in diameter, while the pitchers of Sarracenia rubra are more uniform in diameter.

While I was taking these photographs, two little girls came trotting along the boardwalk, picking bog flowers to add to the big bouquets they had already collected. This irritated me. They kept hopping off the boardwalk. This irritated me even more. They started heading towards the Sarracenia jonesii plants. More irritation.

"Hey kids, are you both immune to poison ivy? No? Too bad, because the plants you are walking through is filled with poison ivy."

(This was an exaggeration; while poison ivy was in the area, I hadn't seen any that day.) Their eyes became as big as goose eggs.

"Do you feel kind of itchy? Maybe kind of scratchy?"

(Of course, ask this of anyone--even a person laying on a lawn--and they'll suddenly feel itchy or scratchy.)

"Then you better go home, take a really cold shower for about 20 minutes to wash off. It won't be fun, but maybe you'll remember that next time you think about going into the woods to pick flowers."

They ran out of the Sarracenia patch, back to their cabins.

Heh heh heh.

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