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A Shadow over North Carolina

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Near Wilmington:
The next morning I rose before dawn. I had been unable to contact my guide the night before, so I was on my own. Instead of visiting places I had been to before, I decided to focus on visiting new sites. The first Venus Flytrap (Dionaea muscipula) site I intended to visit was north of Wilmington. The instructions were straightforward enough, but once at the site I could find no Venus Flytraps. Oh, there were a few small Sarracenia flava, Pinguicula caerulea (see photograph, above), and a few common Utricularia. So I am not complaining, but I had hoped to see Dionaea. I also found Utricularia radiata--a pleasure to see, since I had only seen this once before--in the Fakahatchee Strand, Florida.

Supposedly, this was a good site for Pinguicula pumila (which I have not seen in the wild). Unfortunately, it was too late in the season and all the rosettes of this annual species had already disintegrated.

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