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A Shadow over North Carolina

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An unscheduled stop:
Ooh! Ooh! Check out that growth of kudzu! I was still in the mountains when I saw this great roadside display of kudzu (Pueraria montana). This non-native species was introduced in the early 1900s for roadside stabilization purposes. Since then, it has turned into a crazy weed that is infamous for its fast growth. Here is a tree that has been covered by kudzu. Deprived of light, the tree is dying.

Hey, I forgot to tell you about the rental car I got. I had reserved a compact. When I arrived at the rental agency, they said they didn't have any compacts left, so instead gave me (at no additional charge) a honkin' huge Chrysler "Town & Country!" This thing is a monster that seats about eight people! Oh, for heaven's sake, there was just one of me, but I was driving around a thing fit for a soccer team.

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