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A Shadow over North Carolina

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There was a small body of water nearby, so I toured its banks. I had heard there were some Drosera (I'm not sure which species) but I didn't see any. I did, however, see some lovely populations of Utricularia striata. In this photograph you can see the highly dissected foliage (on the right) as well as a little bit of bladder-bearing stolon (bottom left). More photographs of this species are on line at the Galleria Carnivora.

My trip explorations at this site were complete, so I stopped by the resort commissary for a quick bite to eat. A strange factoid I learned during my short stay at this resort was that the "toast" they make was of a strange form unique to the establishment. Apparently, long ago, someone in the kitchens goofed up while making the toast, and the strange result was instantly popular. The toast is made by baking, as I recall, and is dryer than an Egyptian artifact. It almost seems freeze-dried, and snaps like a sheet of styrofoam. But people there like it. Weird.

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