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A Shadow over North Carolina

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Bright plants:
I'll finish this slide show with this image of a patch of ground blistering with banded traps, red-petioled plants, and other variously pigmented dainties. Wow, they are nice!

Notice the rotation of all the leaves in the plants? Each trap is resting on its left side (as viewed from the center of the plant). I had never noticed this before, although when I later referred to F.E.Lloyd's book, I found he had observed this many decades earlier.

Frank and I parted, and I headed north to yet another cheap hotel for more ticks-spotting (only found a couple this time), and to get ready for my flight back home.

Why, as I generated this web presentation for this fabulous trip, did I call it "A Shadow over North Carolina"? Well, remember those poached Sarracenia oreophila flowers? Remember the Sarracenia flava poaching holes? The poached Dionaea nearby? Remember the Sarracenia minor poached from The Green Swamp? The roadside Dionaea populations robbed of all fruit? Any questions about what I mean by the "Shadow"? We fanciers of carnivorous plants must behave better!

Oh well. I feel like Edith Keeler, preaching from my soap box.

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