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A Shadow over North Carolina

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A hole:
What's with the hole? I was so focused on the plants, I didn't really pay attention to this. Then I looked closer. Hey! Somebody dug this hole! I could see the curved edges of the hole were made by a shovel. Then, I saw another hole, and another, and another. All told, I counted seventeen poaching holes, each large enough to sink a basketball.

These poaching holes were scattered around the Sarracenia flava population. It was sickening. Some lazy $#%&s had come and cut at least 17 large clumps of Sarracenia flava out of the ground. Some of the poaching holes were really large--I estimated that 30% of this relatively small population of Sarracenia had been stolen just this last year. It looks like the thieves focused on large clumps, and I am guessing they took the most prettily veined plants, leaving the comparatively drab specimens for us shemps unlucky enough to visit the site after the best had been stolen.

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