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Eastern Oregon Carnivorous Plants, 2006

The Trip:
For those of you who have not read my Idaho field trip itinerary, let me set the stage. It was early late July (2006) and I was tooling around Idaho in a low-slung, cherry red Chevy Cavalier looking for carnivorous plants. I had just visited three sites and had a great time.

Now my plan was to descend out of the Idaho mountains and visit a few sites in eastern Oregon that I had found about in my pre-trip research. Originally, I was only planning on to look for Pinguicula, but as I discussed my plans with Oregonian botanists I learned about some very intriguing lakes that putatively housed Utricularia minor. This was interesting because Utricularia minor requires somewhat more specialized habitats than does the free-floating aquatic Utricularia macrorhiza; if these sites had conditions suitable for Utricularia minor, that opened the possibility for U. intermedia and perhaps U. ochroleuca. These lakes sounded very intriguing indeed. The news they also had Drosera anglica sweetened the pot!

Unfortunately for you, oh trustworthy reader, these sites are very poachable so I am compelled to keep quiet about their names and locations. Pirates sail the internet seas, and we must keep our treasure chests protected from brigands.

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