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Eastern Oregon carnivores in 2006

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Odd plants:
I studied these plants carefully, and took a number of leaf and inflorescence measurements between photographs. I was looking, in particular, at the details of the flower petals, spur, and calyx lobes, as these are used as the primary features that separate Pinguicula macroceras subsp. macroceras, Pinguicula macroceras subsp. nortensis, and Pinguicula vulgaris. However, far more than these features, I was struck by how small these plants were in comparison with the Pinguicula macroceras plants I have seen so frequently in California! In fact, the diameters of the entire leaf rosette of most of these plants were less than 3cm in diameter! Look at the rosette on the right-rear. The ant crawling on the leaf will give you some sense of scale. The ant wasn't a particularly large one. Are these Pinguicula akin to the plants in the Cascades populations, which are known for their small size?

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