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Eastern Oregon carnivores in 2006

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U. macrorhiza again:
Yes, an image of the same flowers from before, but lit differently so I thought it is worth showing.

When I was photographing this plant, two graduate students arrived at the lake. They were talking about the abuse their car had received on the road, and something about this conversation made me realize something uncomfortable--so unsettling that for a moment the thought of the omnipresent leeches was expelled from the back of my mind... When I rented my car in Idaho I had forgotten to mention that I would be taking the car out of the state, in fact I had even signed a contract saying that the car would stay in Idaho. Oh crap. Of course, I was pretty confident the rental agency wouldn't have minded if I told them up front that I would be travelling through Oregon, but now I suspected that if I ran into car trouble and needed a towing, they'd be thrilled to slap me with some monumental towing charge.

Did the damn car even have a spare tire? I had no idea. Certainly it did not have an owner's manual in the glove box. I had the phone number of the agency in my car, and I would have liked to call them and tell them of my diversion to Oregon but cell phones were useless in this part of the USA--In the last three days I had reception for maybe 3 hours total.

I hoped my crappy little rental car didn't have trouble with those sharp stones!

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