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Eastern Oregon carnivores in 2006

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Violet flowers:
As I remember it, the colors of the flowers were more faithfully rendered by this image, which I took using Velvia in my film camera.

Alas, this image is flawed by a slightly shallow depth of field. Unfortunately, I couldn't use a smaller aperture on my camera to get a deeper depth of field because the plants were constantly waving back and forth in the wind (i.e., longer exposures would have produced motion-blurred images). What was the source of this wind? While this image looks very placid, in reality only two steps to the right the waterfall was crashing down, producing wind, gusty mist, and a torrent of noise. (Only, because I was clinging to a rock face, taking two steps to the right would have dropped you down the cliff edge and into the waterfall!)

Here is another photograph of these plants clinging to the crevices..

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