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Eastern Oregon carnivores in 2006

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As a final image, I thought I would show you a bit of carnivory close up. With this photograph, my trip was complete. I hiked back along my trail through the Wallowa mountains, and returned to my car in need of rehydration. I had parked my car in deep shade, but the sun had slid across the sky and my car was now cooking in full sun--as had happened just a few days earlier, all the water I left in the car was piping hot! Trying to drink gulps of Gatorade hot as fresh coffee is miserable.

A few hours later, I reached the Idaho border. I breathed a huge sigh of relief as I entered the state and started the long climb out of the Snake River Gorge; I was legal again in the standpoint of my rental agency! It was then that the storm started blowing; I had no foreshadowing that I would soon be having mad encounters with swarming Mormon crickets and migrating tumbleweeds!

By the way, to summarize a long story that involved numerous police agencies, I was able to return that boggy wallet to a surprised Don F, who was very much alive, and not at all decomposing.

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