The Carnivorous Plant FAQ Field Trip Report -

North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia Appalachians, 2007

The Trip:
In mid-July of 2007, I had the opportunity to revisit western North Carolina, South Carolina and northeastern Georgia. This area included some of my favorite mountainous carnivorous plant sites, so I looked forward to revisiting them and exploring them further.

If you want to do a little background reading, you can check out my 2003 trip report and my 2005 trip report for many of these same locations.

Before I left for the journey, I made arrangements to meet Jim Fowler, a noted author and naturalist based in South Carolina. Jim is mostly familiar with the low country, so he was excited about seeing some of these mountain sites. Meanwhile, I was happy to have Jim join me in my journeys because he had been to some mountain sites that I did not know about. We would have a chance to pool our knowledge.

Mountain pitcher plants are extremely threatened because of their small ranges and degrading hydrology in their bogs. Since poaching is now a significant pressure on these populations, I am sorry but I cannot reveal any detailed information about the locations visited. Don't ask. If you think you can recognize the sites from my descriptions, you can send me your guesses, but my responses to you will be quite cagey!

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