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Appalachian Excursion in 2007!

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My trip began by driving from Tennessee to western South Carolina. Along the way I passed by the Pink Beds, a site in the mountains of North Carolina. I had read rumours that this area housed Sarracenia purpurea so I was curious to see what I might find.

I had visited once before, and on that trip I had failed spectacularly to find anything of interest. On this return trip, I hiked the entire loop very carefully, and while it was a very pretty ramble, no Sarracenia purpurea were spotted. I do not intend to return for a third search.

However, hiking through the woods on this rainy, foggy day, I was pleased to find some beautiful fungi such as this extremely toxic Amanita bisporigera, which glowed like a ghostly lantern in the duff.

After this several-hour digression, I continued south to my hotel for the night. Early next morning I drove to an intersection near Caesar's Head, South Carolina where I had arranged to meet up with Jim Fowler, naturalist and photographer extraordinaire.

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