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Appalachian Excursion in 2007!

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The astute reader might have noticed that the previous image had very suspicious leaves growing in the muck. Suspicious indeed! Here is another view of the tiny leaves, and the dried stalks of flowers. The dried flowers allowed for an easy identification of the plants as Utricularia cornuta. It was interesting to see this plant growing on the rock surface, clinging to the algae in the stream flow. It is the closest to a rheophyte or lithophyte that I have seen in the genus.

For a closer look, here is a bonus image of the plant's leaves, and the dried fruit.

Our fun complete, Jim took me to a site I had never seen before. This part of South Carolina has several closely set Sarracenia jonesii sites, so the drive was short--this new site was only about 2 km away!

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