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Appalachian Excursion in 2007!

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We quickly scanned the site that we both knew so well (and that I reported upon in a previous trip report). The plants were in good shape, which was a relief.

As we looked at the slick surface, Jim related how--on a previous solo trip--he had ventured onto the bald, lost his footing, and slid down the slope, cracking against the rocks. Fortunately, he got hung up on a ledge and so he slipped only a small fraction of how far he could have fallen, but even so he broke some bones in the process. I'm not exaggerating when I emphasize how careful you must be at these places!

We negotiated our way through the trees along one side of the bald until we reached the bottom. This was as far as I had come in the past. Jim found a trail continuing down slope, and after a short hike the trees opened up, and in front of us was yet another bald, just as he promised!

The Sarracenia jonesii throughout the site were mostly at the ungainly stage after flowering, but before the pitchers had fully developed. Still, I'm pleased with how this image turned out.

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