The Carnivorous Plant FAQ Field Trip Report -

Explorations in the Borderlands, Virginia and New Jersey in 2002 & 2008

Trip #1:
June 2002, I took a trip to the east coast of the USA, and I explored eastern Virginia and southern New Jersey. This photo-essay describes a few of the things I saw.

The botanical part of the trip started early on a Sunday morning. I only had one day of free time in Virginia, and I intended to spend it visiting a few sites I had been told about (in confidence). I also had a carnivorous plant associate to visit--I had been promising him for years that I'd see his collection on my next chance. I also knew of a few other growers in the area I would like to visit if given the time.

I was looking forward to this trip because I hoped to see Sarracenia flava. I have seen the plant many times before, but Virginia marks the farthest north point in its range. Also, this area was just south of the New Jersey overlap zone for the two subspecies of Sarracenia purpurea. I was curious to see what the Virginia plants looked like. Did they show any influence from the northern subspecies?

Despite the normally humid climate (especially for me, a desert boy) the day started quite comfortably, as it was unseasonably cool. (In fact a late frost had occurred just a week or so prior.) I hopped into my squeaky clean rental car, checked the maps, and headed to my first site to look for aquatic Utricularia....

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Trip #2:
But wait, there's more! Six years later I returned to eastern Virginia, and met with Phil Sheridan. Phil was kind enough to show me and my fabulous trophy wife around his facility. If you want to see the images from that, read about trip #2!

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