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Explorations in the Borderlands, 2002

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Utricularia striata closer up. Pretty, don't you think? Incidentally, some old-timers call this plant U. fibrosa, but they're wrong. Name change!

Driving around with Dave was fun. Dave's taste in music is, shall we say, challenging. He likes all kinds of music, as long as they include Goth, Metal, and maybe post-Industrial. Alternating lovely episodes of exploring quiet boglands with sessions of goth-death-metal expressions of black angst and daemonic-charnel-pain music was new to me. It fit, oddly, with my New Jersey memories of wetlands and the Jersey Devil, so I felt right at home.

Let me tell you just a little about the Jersey Devil. This is a legendary beast spawned by Mrs. Leeds in 1735 (one variant of the story places Mrs. Leeds at Egg Harbor, just a few miles south of Dave's and my explorations). This marauding daemon was so vile that an attempt to exorcise the entire Pine Barrens was made in 1740. It returned 150 years later. Sightings continue to the present.

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