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Explorations in the Borderlands, 2002

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Very green!
After cleaning the U. striata muck and funk off (a dangerous phrase to attempt uttering in public), my attention was ensnared by this lovely Sarracenia purpurea. This plant just screamed "subspecies purpurea" at me: slippery outer surface; small, under-developed hood. Even so, the outer surface was rough and not slick like more northern plants. A quick peak with a hand lens revealed tiny, short hairs.

Incidentally, this plant was growing with plenty of light--it was not etiolated, as you might infer from the all-green colour. Nor was it an anthocyanin-free plant--you can see a slight amount of venation on the pitchers, and the floral bracts are clearly maroon.

After cleaning up a bit more, and slurping down some liquid refreshment (non-alcoholic), Dave and I put more death-tunes in the car stereo and drove to our next destination--a place that Dave had never been to before, but suspected may harbor plants because the map indicated a set of lakes nestled in good habitat.

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