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Explorations in the Borderlands, 2008

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A Texan plant:
Phil has done a lot of fieldwork over the years. Above is a specimen of the famous "areolated" form of Sarracenia alata from Texas. Do you see the pale dots on the tube? It evokes Sarracenia leucophylla, does it not? These areolated plants are the cause of endless interesting speculation. Is it possible that, somehow a time long ago, genes of Sarracenia leucophylla managed to flow from Alabama, across the stretches of Sarracenia-free landscape of western Louisiana, into Texas? It that the explanation for the appearance of areolated Sarracenia alata in our modern era?

Is it possible that such gene flow also explains the occasional tiny amounts of pink blush that may occur in the flowers of Texan Sarracenia alata plants, as I documented on this trip to Texas?

Speculation is so easy, when we are unfettered by facts!

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