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Explorations in the Borderlands, 2002

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Tree Form:
This is Drosera intermedia, New Jersey style. Notice the really long internodes--this plant is not at all satisfied to form a basal rosette. It reminded me of Drosera madagascariensis and other stem-forming sundews. This is not an etiolated plant, either. It was growing right on the edge of a sunny lake. These plants do not seem to be growing in an area with fluctuating water tables either--I really think this is a genetically fixed feature of these plants. Compare the long internodes to the short internodes of this plant from Florida (in that photograph, D. intermedia is on the right--D. capillaris is on the left).

By the way, field botanist Bill Olson was clever enough to be able to identify the Sphagnum in this photograph as S. portoricense, a rare species. Wow, I cannot identify Sphagnum in the field--Bill can do it from a photograph!

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