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Q: Field trip report: Virginia and New Jersey in 2002 & 2008

A: In part to satisfy the requests for field information, and in part to show off some photos, I have prepared a field trip report to describe a trip I took to see carnivorous plants in Virginia and New Jersey. I had only a day for each state, so the trip was not very in-depth. But I hope you will enjoy it.

Ah, but wait...there is more. Six years later, in 2008, I was again in Virginia with a spare day and so I dropped in on Phil Sheridan's facility, called Meadowview Biological Station. I had been wanting to stop by for some time, and Phil and I had arranged for a day in the field with a number of other scientists. Unfortunately, some schedule changes on my part messed up all our plans, but Phil was kind enough to show me around Meadowview for a few hours as a consolation prize. I have added the images from that trip to this slideshow.

See the field trip!

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