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Explorations in the Borderlands, 2002

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Found them!
There are not many sites for Sarracenia flava in Virginia, and I was told by my sources that this site was probably the best. The site was along a powerline right-of-way. Such areas are often the best (or only) habitat that remains suitable for carnivorous plants--human development and changes in the land use have screwed up the habitat for carnivorous plants elsewhere. These all-green plants are Sarracenia flava var. maxima. Also at this location, by the way, was Drosera brevifolia, Utricularia subulata, and I think I recall seeing Drosera capillaris.

Frankly, while it was nice to see the plants, there were not very many. In Florida, a site like this would barely merit a GPS check and entry in your travel journals. Virginia just does not have many of these plants left!

(Incidentally, before you e-mail me asking about this location, I will warn you ahead of time that I cannot reveal the location of this site. Sorry.)

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