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Q: The big Drosera checklist!

A: On this page I list all the species of Drosera. I organize this list using subgenus and section categorizations. For these categorizations, I use the system used by Schlauer (1996, 2002). Each species is hyperlinked to the FAQ taxonomy page on which I discuss the plant in most detail. You'll also notice that I've included the authority for each entity, as well.

I should tell you that the subgenus and section divisions are quite up in the air. Research by Rivadavia et al. (2003) suggests that some of these subgenera and sections are probably not monophyletic. (What does that mean? It means you shouldn't assume that sectional groups really indicate species that are closely related.) The following entries in the listings below are particularly likely to be changing in the future:

  1. Drosera subtilis (section Ergaleium) and D. banksii (section Lasiocephala) will probably be relocated, perhaps to a new section.
  2. Section Drosera is probably not monophyletic, and will eventually be fragmented.
  3. Section Arcturia is probably not monophyletic.
  4. Sections Bryastrum and Lamprolepis may merit being unified.
  5. Section Ptycnostigma may be resurrected for D. trinervia, D. pauciflora, D. cistiflora.

The preceding list is no doubt incomplete as new species are described, so watch for new species!

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