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Welcome to the Gardens at The Galleria. Here, nestled among the marvelously tended Australian shrubs and wildflowers, fine silk tents house the Garden photographic exhibits. During the day you may enjoy the images by ambient light, or in the evenings by the steady glow of Arabian torches.

Travel quietly as the honeyeaters and cockatoos fly overhead. The Gardens include our entire collection of Australian photography. If you are uncertain where to begin, we suggest perhaps the Stylidium trail? The entrance is to the right of the Banksia grove.

We are also, for the short term, maintaining here the collection of noncarnivorous plants that have been temporarily displaced from the gallery, "Lulu's Cellar and Coffeehouse." We expect these collections to be removed to a separate establishment shortly. Such is the promise we have from Lulu herself, in writing.

Garden Directory
Cephalotus follicularis: wild plants
Cephalotus follicularis: cultivated plants
Pygmy Drosera (Upper level)
Pygmy Drosera (Middle level)
Pygmy Drosera (Lower level)
Erect tuberous Drosera: East View
Erect tuberous Drosera: West View
Climbing tuberous Drosera
Rosetted tuberous Drosera: East View
Rosetted tuberous Drosera: West View
Fan-leaved tuberous Drosera: Towerside Fountain
Fan-leaved tuberous Drosera: Towerside Baths
Drosera of Queensland
Drosera in the petiolaris-complex
Drosera Promenade North: other Australian and New Zealand species
Drosera Promenade East: Drosera glanduligera
Drosera Promenade West: other Australian and New Zealand species
Australian Utricularia: Main View
Australian Utricularia: Outlying Collections
The Gardens toolshed (Entry way)
The Gardens toolshed (Exit way)

Lulu's Cellar: a collection on loan
Room #1 : Room #2 : Room #3 : Room #4 : Room #5 : Room #6 :

October 2007