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Come view the newest additions to the Galleria Carnivora in The Rear Admiral's Study. The grand unveiling was a gala night indeed.

Galleria Carnivora is a museum dedicated to the fine art of carnivorous plant photography. Since being established in 1923, it has redefined our concepts of imagery as they relate to carnivores, emulsions, and botany. Normally closed to the public, Galleria Carnivora presents this web site so lay-people may press faces against our windows and peer into greatness. Behold our treasures.

Approach the building that houses Galleria Carnivora, (a Spanish Colonial) and you are bedazzled. Enter and you are in awe. Our luxuriously finished marble columns and floors and intricately carved architectural flourishes reveal Galleria does very well for itself indeed. Wander its halls. Let art and culture sweep over you. (Stendahl's syndrome is common for novitiates.)

All our photographs, light portraits if you will, were rendered by our master Resident Artist and are copyrighted. If you borrow these images for your own use, you may expect a visit from our well-paid lawyers unless you follow the guidelines posted at our helpdesk. (Image rights may be purchased from The Artist.)

We are always expanding and remodelling---in fact, 2006 has seen our successful move to our new building, shown above. Even so, please excuse the occasional scrap of fine Italian tarpaulin or woodwork recrafting. But no further introductions are required---use the navigation bar on the top-left to enter, observe, and become overwhelmed!

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January 2011