The Galleria has rare but gala events with The Artist and our Board of Directors present. Attendance to these exciting evenings is by invitation only (delivered directly, by courier). As you might expect, Galleria invitations are precious things. Remembering us when you make your significant and frequent charitable donations helps us, in turn, to remember you.

On event nights we provide valet services at the main gate. A pre-arrival freshening station is available at the northeast access (Manor Street) so you may groom yourself for your emergence at the grand entrance. Please contact Margot, our Publicity Officer, and tell her which notables will be arriving with you in your limousine, so the press can be properly notified. All visitors to the Galleria should come escorted with at least one suitor. Invitee arrivals may be viewed from behind the red roping at the main east entrance.

To avoid repeating the unfortunate incident from last year's Autumnal Exposure Gala, we have prohibited certain unsavoury elements from the press corps. We request that you do not discuss this matter with the media.

October 2007