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Q: The big Nepenthes checklist!

A: The previous FAQ entries were geographically based, and so there were lots of species that were mentioned on more than one page. If you just want to see lists of the species, without repeated entries, here is a list for the genus.The species names are linked to the pages where they are treated in the most detail, or at least where they first appear in the FAQ.

Subgeneric organization is very confusing. Significant advances were described in Clarke et al. (2018), and they are using a system with eight sections, see below. As new species are described, I will place them as appropriate--but if the authors of new species do not place them in a section according to the system below, I'll just include them at the end of the list.

1Some botanists merge N. ramispina Ridl. and N. alba Ridl. into N. gracillima Ridl.
2Sometimes lumped with N. mikei Salmon & Maulder.
3Includes N. pectinata Danser and N. xiphioides Salmon & Maulder.
4Including N. fallax G.Beck, which may be a separate species.
5Often grouped with N. alata Blanco.
6Formerly referred to as N. anamensis Macf.

The preceding list is no doubt incomplete as new species are described, so watch for new species!

Page citations: Clarke, C., Schlauer, J., Moran, J., and Robinson, A. 2018; also refer to the citations in the geographical pages for this genus.

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Revised: 2018
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