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Southern Spain in 2011

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The views were wonderful. At one point we encountered a lovely young Spanish ibex. Later, we also met a large wild boar. That was exciting, especially when it charged Beth! But at the last second it careered away through the grasses and disappeared.

After only about an hour of hiking time (which really took us about two hours, because of butterfly stops, etc.), the river passed through a narrow notch canyon with sheer cliff walls. The very excellent trail turned into a boardwalk which hugged the cliff wall, giving lovely views of the clear Rio Borosa, below.

The river was loaded with huge trout, maintained in such large size because any fishing on the river was strictly on a catch-and-release basis.

Do you see the dark ferns growing on the far wall? And do you see the brighter clumps of lime-green vegetation growing with the ferns? You know what that lime-green vegetation is, don't you?

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