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Being Stupid in Ontario in 2003

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Overhead view:
Again, if you are bored of this species by now, you can amuse yourself by looking for the dead remains of sundew leaves to the left of this Sarracenia rosette--telltale signs of dormant Drosera.

Storm clouds were gathering, the wind was picking up (the radio had been broadcasting tornado warnings all day!), and sunset was nigh, so it was time to leave. I took my compass and GPS bearings to assure myself of how to leave. If you travel to bogs (either alone or in groups) never allow yourself to become disoriented. A big Sphagnum mat surrounded by trees can look the same in all directions. It is very easy to get disoriented; when you are tired, scratched, dehydrated, and itching to get home, being confused and lost is not a good place to be.

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