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Being Stupid in Ontario in 2003

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Many plants:
Heh heh. After I took this photograph, I shambled across the wobbly Sphagnum mat, exploring for more delights. I looked down and was startled to see a nice, big eastern garter snake on the mat in front of me. (This is an entirely harmless species, although like many snakes it can bite through your skin if sufficiently aroused.)

In my naturalist's pleasure, I calmly observed the snake. The snake studied me in kind, in its inscrutable reptilian way. Then, without further warning, it bolted for the nearest cover. Unfortunately, what it mistook for cover was actually me. While I was startled when the snake zipped between my legs, I was horrified when it stuck its head under the cuff of my pants and attempted entry up the inside of my pant leg.

Despite my being alone, on a relatively remote and treacherous Sphagnum mat, and bearing camera gear, my decorum disappeared and I started yipping little Michael Jackson sounds, and hopped about until the snake was dissuaded and zipped off for better hiding grounds.

So much for a career in herpetology.

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