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Being Stupid in Ontario in 2003

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OK, one last picture!
Many carnivorous plant horticulturists express boredom with Sarracenia purpurea subsp. purpurea, perhaps because it tends to be a smaller-pitchered plant than the southern subspecies, or perhaps because in order to thrive it must be given a winter dormancy period. But truly it is a spectacular plant--the venation is at times the most intense in the genus, especially because the plant's thick cuticle makes the pitcher look like it has been covered in shiny wax. (Of course--it is, I mean, that is what the cuticle is. Wax.)

Anyway, this was the last photo. I packed up my gear and returned to the car. My flight was the next morning, so it was a long drive back to Ottawa. Along the way I stopped for gas, and noticed for the first time (thanks to the reaction from the gas station attendant) just how thoroughly bemudded I had become. There was really no point to trying to clean my clothes (recall I was flying internationally the next day, so had inspection/quarantines to consider), so I ended up throwing out my shirt, pants, socks, and even my old hiking boots. That's muddy!

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