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Being Stupid in Ontario in 2003

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Green plant:
This is a very green plant. While it appears to be the all-green Sarracenia purpurea f. heterophylla, it is not. There is still some red pigmentation on the leaf bases and a tiny bit of red venation in some of the leaves. Sometimes you hear this sort of plant referred to by students of the species as "veinless," because it is not the all-green form, but is lacking venation.

I took this photograph in bright, full sun, using my shower-curtain diffuser. I was the only human present, but I am sure that I must have looked absurd setting up my diffuser in a wobbly bog, with grabby shrubs and a moderate wind complicating the procedure. But the benefits to the photographs are (to my mind) spectacular: the shadows are softened, the burnt spots are gone. As a bonus, the wind was cut way down so I could take long exposures and get that nice deep depth of field.

If you make a diffuser, do not cement the pvc joins together. It is better to keep it in pieces, so you can break the diffuser down and carry it in your airplane luggage.

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