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Being Stupid in Ontario in 2003

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Lighter veins:
The pitcher plant in the foreground of this photograph has a little less venation than the plant in the previous image, but it is quite lovely nonetheless. (I will discuss the background plants shortly, worry not.)

This photograph is a perfect example of the contrasty results you get from full-sun photography. Lots of dark shadows and burnt-out highlights devalue the image. I wanted to try a new method to address this problem. So before I left for this trip I visited my local hardware store and bought a clear plastic shower curtain (no printed pattern, but covered with lots of little etched lines to make it partially opaque). I also purchased pvc 1/2-inch pipe and many fittings (90-degree bends, T-junctions, etc.) so I could construct a loose framework, like a big cube about a meter on a side. The shower curtain drapes over this cube. I use "binder clips" to attach the curtain to the frame.

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