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Darlingtonia pollination studies in 2006

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Overhead view:
From a view few tens of meters overhead (which I photographed from the slender top branches of an old lodgepole pine as it swayed alarmingly in the wind), you get a good understanding of the nature of the seep. Water percolates down the gentle slope, encouraging very high coverage by Darlingtonia. A low woody shrub (Vaccinium uliginosum subsp. occidentale) is also common. The bright green patches occurring here and there are openings filled with sedges, grasses, Mimulus, and other herbaceous species. Why are these wet and apparently hospitable areas inexplicably devoid of Darlingtonia and Vaccinium? Fire rarely but occasionally burns through the bog (as evidenced by burnt stumps). Perhaps these open patches resulted from long-ago fires of high intensity?

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