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Splinter Hill Bog, Alabama, 2010

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Nearly done!
The next morning I arose slightly before dawn again, but mostly to pack our cars for the next leg of our travel. But before we left Splinter Hill, I took advantage of the sweet light of the near-windless morning.

How could I resist this cute little Sarracenia rosea, so pale and lightly veined? And that's real dew--not water from some photographer's spritzer bottle. (A hackneyed trick I detest.)

It's a funny thing. In the field I obviously don't have the eye for invertebrates. While I saw lots of arthropods, it wasn't until I got home and started looking at my images that I saw just how many critters are swarming in my photographs. For example, do you see the big spider lurking in this image? The webbing is a giveaway!

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