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Splinter Hill Bog, Alabama, 2010

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Dichromena, RIP!
I've always been fond of this plant. Alas, when I got home I discovered that the genus I have long known as "Dichromena" has been changed to Rhyncospora. It just doesn't have the same ring for me. But I guess I'll get used to it.

Rhyncospora is a pretty good indicator of wet habitat receptive to carnivorous plants. If I see it growing on the side of a country road, I'll usually stop and look around.

This is what the entire plant looks like. Memorize that image--it will help you in your own carnivorous plant searches.

Here is an intermediate-distance view.

Our play-time at Splinter Hill done, Brian and Beth and I headed east-southeast, back down to Florida. In particular, we were heading to Washington and Bay county. We were to meet up with Randy Zerr and Jim Miller, to explore for Drosera filiformis sites in Florida. Very exciting.

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