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Instrument profile: QuickBird

A privately owned satellite, projected to be the first of a series, that offers high resolution panchromatic and multispectral imagery.

Usefulness to land managers
Inexpensive, high quality data. Likely to be useful to those who are satisfied with panchromatic or multispectral imagery. QuickBird offers a product similar to IKONOS or SPOT data.

Costs and Contacts main web site for the parent company.
Overview of prices as of October 2004 are below. Various discounts and rush pricing options are available.

Archived Library Images Newly Tasked Imagesa
per 16.5×16.5km scene per km2b per 16.5×16.5km scene per km2c
Single imagery:
panchromatic, multispectral, color, color-IR
$4896 $18 $5984 $22
Image bundles:
pansharpened, or panchromatic plus multispectral
$6528 $24 $7616 $28
aPrices are for default processing. Rush tasking is available at higher costs.
b25 km2 minimum order.
c64 km2 minimum order.

Sample images

Oahu, Hawai'i
2.4m multispectral

0.6m pansharpened

Ferrol, Spain
2.4m multispectral

St. Louis, Missouri
0.6m pansharpened

Useful Web Sites
See above.

Technical Specs

Spectral data characteristics
Band Spectral Coverage Spatial Resolution
Panchromatic 445-900 nm 0.61 m
Blue 450-520 nm 2.44 m
Green 520-600 nm 2.44 m
Red 630-690 nm 2.44 m
Near-IR 760-900 nm 2.44 m
Areal data characteristics
"Scene"=16.5×16.5 km
"Image strip"=16.5×165 km

References 23 Oct. 2004


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