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Appalachian Excursion in 2005!

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Utricularia striata:
In contrast with the previous image, this documents a bladderous1 shoot. Notice how different it looks? Here is another view of a bladdery shoot.

Since it was early spring, the plants were growing extremely slowly in this chilly lake. They might even have been dormant. This is apparently why these plants are covered with so much algae. I've got a placemarker in my brain to take more photographs of this species later in the season some time when the plants look cleaner.

By the way, the facility I was staying at had an interesting asset--a native population of Sarracenia jonesii! However, it was very early in the growing season and the plants were still dormant. Furthermore, the bog had been burned recently, so the plants were reduced to stubby, charred mounds--alive, oh yes, but certainly not worth photographing. I bet they are looking great right now as I write this report (in mid-August). If you want to see what they look like in full growth, you can look at the first few images from a previous trip report.

1As far as I know, "bladderous" does not exist in the dictionary. Just an FYI. You get interesting results if you do a web search on the word!

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