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The Whisperers in the Boglands

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Hmmm. Now look at these terminal leaflets--these are short, just like on Utricularia macrorhiza! It doesn't seem to me that this "terminal leaflet" feature is reliable.

With this photograph, I felt my work at this pond was done. I had taken the photographs I wanted, and had made a small set of collections for future observation and herbarium study. The preserve manager had given me leave to explore the rest of the pond if I had to, but my Utricularia studies were essentially complete without having to leave my (once again sinking) wooden platform. But thanks again, Karen L!

The next part of my itinerary was to drive to Rhode Island, to try to find that bog that had eluded me and Beth on our previous attempt. This time, I would have a guide familiar with the site--none other than John Phillip, Jr., from the New England Carnivorous Plant Society.

We exchanged greetings at a site near the elusive bog, and John drove us to the trailhead. On the way, he told me about the great activities that the NECPS has been doing. It is a young but very vibrant, active society, involved in most excellent programs. He even gave me a cool-o NECPS mug! Ooh ooh!

We started along the trail, and almost immediately took a hidden turn off the path to emerge into a big rocky slab that provided an excellent cliffside overlook to the bog a few hundred feet below. I was chagrined that Beth and I had gotten so close! It was a very pretty spot, although John said the trees had grown up so the view was not quite so nice as it had been in the past. John told me that, heh heh, he used to come here in regular pursuit of osculatory exercises with certain females. It did indeed look like an excellent make-out site. Yet another reason to rue that Beth and I had not found this place!

Next on the menu was getting down to the bog. We could not travel down the steep slope, so we returned to the trail. It was a simple five minute walk along the path to another hidden turnoff to the bog. Unfortunately, this had also grown over and John missed it--so we ended up pushing our way over ridges and through thick undergrowth for about 40 minutes before he finally guided us to the site. But in the end, we did get there! (And I felt a little better about having failed on the first attempt to find the site with Beth.)

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