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The Whisperers in the Boglands

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While the turions of Utricularia macrorhiza can be one to a few cm long, those of U. geminiscapa are apparently much smaller--less than a cm in size. Indeed, none of the plants I saw had clearly developed turion structures. Perhaps they make them later in the year? (I saw Utricularia macrorhiza plants at a few other sites over the next few days, some were producing turions, others were not.)

An interesting feature in the ends of U. geminiscapa shoots is that they are often somewhat asymmetrical. Notice how this shoot has a clear curl at the very end? This is supposedly typical of plants as they approach turion formation.

Hmm. Those are some pretty long terminal leaflets at the right of this photograph, just like U. geminiscapa is supposed to have.

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