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Sarracenia alata with a lagniappe, 2005

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A closer view:
I found another set of flowers, this time right on the edge of the trail. The distinctive cream flowers and yellowish flowers are very nice, to my eyes perhaps the prettiest feature of the species. Maybe this trip wasn't too poorly timed after all. (Here is another view of flowers.)

As I ranged about, I discovered that the water was continuing to rise. The once ankle-deep water had risen to my shins. The fact that such a rise was occurring in a big, flatwood habitat was a monument to all the water that had rained out the night before!

I was learning that the fire ants were mostly confining their antics1 to the few high spots that had not yet flooded. As I had grown tired of wiping them off my legs, I restricted myself to areas under a several cm of water. This strategy, as I was to learn, was only partly successful.

1Antics, get it? Antics?

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